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Book of Morrigan - The Grand Book of Shadows

This ox blood red 5 pound, 3.5 inch thick hand stitched Coptic bound Book of Shadows was created as serious working tool to be filled with enchantments. The 300+ archival quality pure linen-cotton parchment pages will always lay flat to allow the use of the book hands free. The stunning embossed symbolic detail in the cover is mesmerizing. The cover celebrates the Celtic Valkyrie Morrigan who would appear as Raven and lead the ancient tribes of Europe into battle. The four sacred corners / Sabbaths symbolized by the moon at each corner are honored within the front covers designs. It was said that if a raven appeared at the birth of a new son then the child would grow up to one day be a great warrior and leader of men. Morrigan was said to guard a farmers field and horses as demonstrated on the back cover by the sunflower and ancient enchantments symbols that were posted on barns. The battle sword is on the binding which symbolizes the motherly strength and wisdom of the crone such as a warrior Goddess Morrigan has been celebrated in folk and history throughout the ages. 300 sheets/or 600 pages, 2 sides of the highest quality internally sized so ink and light water color paint wont soak through. This exceptionally handmade linen cotton parchment paper works well with all types of pens and artistic media. Look closely and you will notice the fine thread pattern within every page, much like a hand woven shirt but with the smooth surface that writers, magic folk and artist can enjoy.

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