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Celtic Mother Earth Gaia Journal

This highly detailed handcrafted green Womyn journal designed by Courtney Davis and made by Poetic Earth with brass latch for closing. It celebrates the cycles of life, motherhood, and spirit of nature. Gaia/Mother Earth in ancient times was known by many names. As most religions in that long ago time that honored Womyn as priest, teachers, and givers of life. A time when Womyn were placed at the head of society and religion. She sits in meditation on the front cover and rests on her shield of life with the grapes of Bacchus, the father of celebration. Adorning her hair within the shield you see the circle of life represented by the unbroken Celtic knot. Her pregnant stomach has the Triquetta, the Celtic symbol of eternity, as she eternally brings forth the bounty of life. Below her stomach, she holds the star of creation as all life comes and is reborn through the womb of Mother Nature/Gaia. The swirls in the ocean before her symbolize infinite possibilities. Isis, Diana and the triple Goddess are all symbolized here in a Celtic celebration of the ancient ways. These beliefs were once held by all of humanity in one form or another until the dawn of the Roman Christian empire founded in Constantinople, in order to rule the pagan masses and retain power the Christian emperor Constantine led the populace to convert to Christianity. He did this by incorporating Pagan rituals into Christian holidays, making it easier for all to assimilate into the new religion of Christianity. Solstice, the birth of the new sun - This became Christmas. Imbolc followed by Ostara is the celebration of spring and fertility with the renewal ritualized by putting wishes into hollowed out eggs and floating them down the river and festivals of feasting included wild rabbits caught in the spring's first hunt. This became Easter tradition, except the bunnies are chocolate these days. In time all the Goddess religions were brought under one Christian deity known as Saint Brigid who is featured on the back cover of this journal which draws from a mixture of different cultural traditions, not just one. The back cover represents what was once Goddess based faiths after the rise of Christianity. St. Bridget’s Fire on the backside of the journal is a Christian elemental saint. It is said she could say a prayer and make a fire go out or appear or as demonstrated at the bottom of the journal she could pray over a possessed or sick person and cure them by making them regurgitate the evil and/or sickness thus freeing them from their affliction. Approximately 150 sheets (300/2 sides) pages of premium handmade pure linen/cotton parchment paper.

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