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Celtic Solstice Sacred Oak Tree of Life Journal

This stunning award winning heirloom quality journal designed by Courtney Davis and made by Poetic Earth celebrates the gift of life and the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain (pronounced soww-when) that honors one's ancestors and paid respect to friends and loved ones who have passed on to the summer lands. In some circles, it is believed that the spirits of recently departed loved ones linger on at the eldest oak tree nearest to the family home. In ancient times the end of October signaled the beginning of the new year being re-winding and renewing as the leaves of of the sacred oak who’s trunk you can see on the journals binding turn a magnificent rainbow of colors. Its green vines stretch out in a Celtic knot around the cover symbolizing no beginning and no end. The immortal sun is represented on the back cover by the Triquetta within a circle of life. And of course there is the Pictish stone which which honor the four corners as well as our connection to nature and the seasons as well as to one another. The spiral swirls in the grass symbolize infinity. This is a rarest of treasures that will safe guard your thoughts within its archival quality top grade vegetable tanned leather cover to be passed onward for generations to come. Your thoughts are worth it!

Approximately 150 sheets (300/2 sides) pages of premium handmade pure linen/cotton parchment paper that has been internally sized with the professional artist in mind for water colors, fountain pens, and just about every type of artistic media. Smooth texture makes this wonderful to write in. Many hours of intense hand crafting, dying, branding, and painting to create this hand painted 5x7 inch tome with brass latch. It is the most labor intensive journal Poetic Earth has to offer. It takes 5 days to finish each color as the cover must be laid out to rest for the night to dry before the next color is meticulously applied with a horse hair brush.

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